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From your initial enquiry, we will firstly understand your requirements, with modern day technology we don’t often need to visit a property to provide a quotation for our works.  We will often ask for, but not limited to; Property Postcode, Room Size, How Old Is The Property, Is There A Current Chimney (We Have Solutions If Not), this helps us to better understand the installation requirements.


All works are undertaken by, this allows for total ownership of your installation, we are not dependant on any third party involvement which provides for a seamless installation.


We are fully insured for all aspects of our work whilst on your premises, a copy of our Public Liability Insurance will be provided within our ‘Full Works Schedule’ provided to you.

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It is important to remember that stoves require to be serviced, they are not a fit and forget item.  Look after them and they will last for many years.


As part of our works we offer:


Annual Stove Maintenance

Repair / Repalcement

Chimney Liner Sweeping


Annual maintenance service sheets will be provided upon the completion of any maintenance works carried out and should be retained for future reference.

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